Security Camera Installation in Miami

Security camera installation Miami

Viewing and searching your security cameras in real-time with Hi-Definition and audio from a smartphone, a tablet or a PC is now possible. Thanks to the advent of the technology from the DVR system that compresses videos, months of recording can be stored on the digital hard drive located in the DVR. It is now possible to go back to events that occurred in past months and get Crystal clear information.

How To Choose The Best Security Camera Installation Company In Miami

While there are many security companies out there, MSS specializes in one of the most commonly installed systems, the HD 1080P analog Security Camera System in Miami.

CCTV systems have become the standard security strategy for surveilling residential and commercial properties.

In this rapid growing technological era, it is important to set up a security camera system to be able to supervise your home, business or any area that requires tight security. Security cameras are crucial for evidence in the event of a crime or any suspicious day to day activities that may be going on in your home or business. A security camera provides a live look into your day to day activities when you are not able to be present. All of your footage is also recorded to be played back at your convenience as long as you have a hard drive installed in your system which comes standard with every MSS installation. This is the primary reason why most business owners now have security cameras installed in places where their businesses are carried out. It gives the business owners an uninterrupted video coverage of any misconduct or unusual activity of customers or employees. Everything that goes on in the facility where customized security camera systems are installed is typically recorded and displayed to the owner of the establishment.

In addition to this on-the-go availability of security information, mobile apps on smartphones and tablets let the business or home owners have a distant view of whatever goes on in their facilities or homes from anywhere in the world. For business places especially, installing a security camera system is not a luxury. It is a necessity. Having the correct Digital Video Recorder (DVR) installed on your system guarantees compatibility, and it also guarantees limitless possibilities.

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hikvision cameras MiamiMany types of technology in the security camera industry are among of the leading and cutting edge technological advancements in the world today. But the two technologies at the forefront of security sophistication are the Transfer Video Interface (TVI) and the Internet Protocol (IP) security camera systems. Both of them give at least a video quality of HD 1080P but require different methods of installation for the cameras, and wiring. They also have different programming, video storage, internet bandwidth constraints, and pricing. These factors differentiate both technologies significantly.
Making such a purchases without consulting a CCTV expert and understanding the technical differences may result in dissatisfaction because your needs may not be met.
The budgets you make for the installation of a custom system, the specific security needs and security application are part of what separate one system from the other in a world where there are different types of security cameras. This is because the many security cameras like Dome, Box Style, Hidden, Bullet, Mini and PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) are suitable in certain facilities. These security cameras come with various features, alternatives, video definitions, and video tone options. This why the idea of consulting a CCTV expert before making a purchase of security camera systems is a good one. It is important that a CCTV expert examines your facility or home to ascertain the best features that meet your specific security needs. Below are some of the expert considering that will help you make the right choice.


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    Features you Should Look Out for Before Buying a Security Camera System

    • The Quality Of the Footage (the security camera system should have HD 1080P video quality)

    These days, the new standard is that CCTV security camera systems should be of HD 1080P video quality. Manufacturers no longer produce analog security camera systems, and distributors have stopped dealing with analog security cameras. The HD 1080P video quality systems pushed analog systems out of the market.

    • TVI or IP Systems:

    TVI systems have good compatibility with RG59 Wiring, and the systems also allow HD Over Coax Video Transmissions with their great HD 1080P systems. They are cheap and can work offline – without the international network. They do not depend on network bandwidth speeds and do not need network hardware like network infrastructures or network switches.

    IP Systems, on the other hand, use only CAT5E or CAT6 digital network cable yet it delivers HD 1080P video quality and even higher. IP systems require excellent network bandwidth connections and most times, differentiate between localized networks. They also require network switches.

    As you can see, the TVI and IP systems are excellent security solution but are for different security applications.

    • Smoke and Fire Detectors:

    An effective Burglar alarm system has to be able to alert you when there is excessive smoke or heat or fire in or around your property.

    • Carbon Monoxide Detectors:

    This is a Standard alarm system that homeowners use to detect the presence of carbon monoxide in any part of the house.

    • Temperature and Water Sensors:

    This helps monitor air conditioners, water pipes and water heaters. It alerts the homeowner when there is extreme hot or cold temperature.

    • Remote Arming & Disarming:

    Modern burglar alarm systems ought to have features that make it really convenient for its user or owner. Of these features, the ability to remotely control, on or off  the alarm system should not be compromised. It should also be easy to use probably from a very simple App on a smart phone.

    • Centralized Monitoring:

    An effective Burglar system should also be programmed to be able to contact various help units, including the Fire Department, a hospital or ambulance and more importantly, the Police.

    • Monitoring Pricing Options:

    We offer our products at really affordable rates, with payments packaged to be paid on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, all for the comfort of our clients. We do not require a credit check to get in business with you.



    Do you install security cameras for businesses as well as homes?

    Yes, we are state licensed electrical contractors; meaning we can install security cameras for residential as well as commercial and industrial properties.

    Do you install and configure IP cameras?

    Yes, we work with analog as well as IP based camera systems. Whether you have an NVR or DVR, we work with both types of systems. IP based systems require more labor but have advantages such as deeper analytics and information pertaining to your protected space.

    Do you provide automation services for businesses?

    Yes, we provide those services. We also provide smart access control and other automation features using our partner platform

    Do you provide audio services such as surround sound or whole home audio?

    Yes, we work with partners such Sonos, Bose, Yamaha, etc. We can also provide you with a full home theatre installation consisting of; but not limited to, projectors, screens and full audio system.

    What doorbell do you recommend?

    There are numerous video doorbells out on the market; but, we recommend the video doorbell because it integrates seamlessly into our platform.


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