Video surveillance is the perfect security solution for hotels, motels, resorts and other types of paid lodging. With the demand for hotel rooms and space constantly increasing, the security of guests, hotel property and employees has become more important than ever. A carefully considered hotel video surveillance system can protect your resort and give your guests the peace of mind they deserve.

Security camera system has become mandatory in most of the new franchise properties such as Marriott’s, Hilton family, Holiday Inn family, Hyatt place, Choice Hotels, Best Western and so on. A security camera system adds value to brand with sense of security and peace of mind. It gives better performance efficiency to the hotel owners and protects them from theft, fraud litigation/claims, vandalism, employee issues, etc.


Security solution for hotels in miami, Florida

Flexible – Our modern security cameras systems are installed by our trained and experienced technicians that can give you surveillance coverage where you actually need them not where it is easy to install unlike others do. When you are looking to implement hotel security cameras, all you need to do is call Miami Security Systems @ (305) 385-0462 and have it installed and start recording.

Remote monitoring – Adding a high resolution or HD DVR (Digital Video Recorder) to your security camera system gives you the ability to broadcast your surveillance footage over the internet. This breakthrough in surveillance technology allows you to monitor any of your hotel security cameras at any time from any internet connection, giving you instant security updates via Smartphones, PC, MAC and Tablets.

Hotel Video Surveillance can be Beneficial

Security – Hotel video surveillance can help keep your guests safe from theft and other criminals by helping you track your visitors and prevent break-ins on your property.

Prevent theft – Hotel security cameras can help keep intruders out of exclusive hotel areas like swimming pools and gyms, where theft is common. A surveillance system in your laundry, store room and other maintenance areas can uncover potential employee theft.

Remain competitive – Along with providing security, a professional hotel video surveillance system gives your guests peace of mind while staying at your hotel, and can help you increase your return business and remain competitive in an aggressive market.


Hotel & Resort:

Your hotel or resort’s specific security needs depend on many factors. Consider each of the following when you are purchasing and configuring your hotel video surveillance system:

  • Where do you experience the most thefts?
  • Have you ever wished that you caught something on camera?
  • How do you currently manage security at your hotel?
  • Do you feel like your surrounding area contributes to your overall security?
  • How would you describe your average guest?

– Business travelers

– Leisure travelers

– Families

  • How is your hotel or motel laid out?

– Single building housing guest rooms, amenities like pool and spa, and facilities.

– Several buildings spread out over a large property

  • Have you ever had issues with employee theft?

Setup advice for Hotel, Motel and Resort CCTV Systems:

  • Place surveillance cameras at front desk to get clear shot of each checking guest and this will help you monitor how effective front desk staff is giving customer service. Audio recording system is a plus with some restrictions in state of Florida.
  • Place surveillance cameras in near entrances and exits so you get a clear picture of each guest or visitor.
  • Have cameras in open areas like hallways to monitor activities of maid, hotel staff and guests. This gives peace of mind to customer as some long and empty hallway being monitored during day or night.
  • Cameras in open areas like lobbies, pools, and meeting rooms can help prevent petty theft.
  • For valuable items like safes and artwork, fixed cameras near the object can help prevent theft.
  • Cameras in parking lot and canopy can prevent theft and vandalism. It can deter criminals or thieves to enter the premises.
  • Security cameras placed around your hotel’s perimeter can help secure your building and facilities in dangerous neighborhoods.

What our Digital Video Surveillance Equipment CAN do for Your Hotel, Motel or Paid Lodging:

  • Stop Guest/Employee Theft!
  • Generate More Revenue with Better Customer Service
  • Enhance Performance and Save Energy
  • Catch Vandals
  • Protect Employees/Guests
  • View Acts of Violence
  • Any Suspicious Activity
  • Save from False Claims & Litigations

We work with each customer to design an Affordable Video Security System, complete with Security Camerasand Remote Viewing features (via modem, network or Internet). Using Live Internet View, Playback and Backup, you can keep an eye on your Hotel 24 hours a day through the Internet via Smartphones, PC, MAC, and Tablets from around the world.

Potential Risks of Motel Security Cameras

Privacy – Protect the privacy of your guests and employees by keeping your hotel surveillance cameras in public places like lobbies, restaurants, pool and spa areas, and meeting areas, and out of guest rooms and break rooms.

Damage – Cameras, especially when they are outdoors, can be damaged by storms or falling objects. While this kind of damage is rare, it’s important to keep a secondary security system in place to protect your guests and property should they occur.

Outages – Power disruptions or surges can cause interruptions in recording or damage to your system.

At Miami Security Systems, we have a set of values and principles that guide us through each business transaction. These core values help push us above and beyond the competition and give exceptional value to the customer. This type of dedication to quality and customer satisfaction makes choosing a security company a much more enjoyable experience. When you hire Miami Security Systems, you can expect the following:

  • Honesty in our estimates and way of business. Our estimated price will be close to the amount appearing on your final bill. We do not slide in additional hidden charges or fees that were not stated up front in our estimate. If unanticipated circumstances arise during the project that may affect the final bill, you will be notified immediately and we will wait for your approval before proceeding.
  • Convenience according to your schedule. We will give a start and completion date that is fitting to your schedule. Our crew will work in a fashion that provides little disruptions or inconveniences to you and your place of business while we work.
  • Professionalism in the way our crew conducts itself. Our crew will always be courteous and punctual. They will also work in a safe manner and never leave messes behind.
  • Quality in our work. All jobs will be done properly according to the customer’s standards and expectations. A final walk through by management is done to ensure the job has been completed properly. No jobs are deemed completed until the final walk through inspection is passed.

Ideal Security Camera Solution for Hotels

System Design, Installation and Warranty:

  • We do site inspection (on site or via internet) with customer and find out exact need and feasibility to run cables in retrofit jobs.
  • Define areas to cover and select camera locations that are mutually agreed.
  • Define cable routes and access to have no or minimum exposure of cables as per codes and client’s budget. Property drawings/map is required.
  • We customize system as per you need and budget unlike others who give you same cameras & DVR for any kind of property or area. We know what works..!
  • We provide you with professional installation by our expert installers and technicians.
  • We run UL approved Siamese cables that are approved by all counties in Florida, Georgia and other states where we serve.
  • Beauty about our installation is to finish job in timely manner. We have enough technicians and installers to complete the job. Your Job will be done in accordance with workmanship.
  • From connectors to cable to material to way of running cables, we DON’T cut short on anything. Quality is what we believe in. We won’t be satisfied if work is not completed in a manner it is supposed to, that gives you assurance that quality job WILL be delivered.
  • System will be installed and configured as per your requirements; Cameras will be focused, aligned and adjusted. Remote surveillance configuration will be setup. We will guide you how to setup your smartphones and computers for remote view. Customer will be trained on system.
  • We will give you a FULL 1 year warranty on parts from Miami Security Systems, and provide you with lifetime tech support and assistance. Please ask for detail terms and conditions.
  • Simply put, we believe in our products, and we are always there for our customers.