Fire Alarm Kendall Miami

Fire Alarm in Kendall, Florida

We do help home owners and business to get the best fire alarm in Kendall. Miami Security Systems is a family business offering Alarm Service in the area of Kendall and Miami for more than 26 years.

We are a privately owned company with many years of experience in repairs, monitoring, servicing, inspection and fixing of any kind of alarm system and design from around the world.

Fire Alarm Installation in Kendall

  • Large vs. Small Fire Alarm Installations

The fact is that we consist of a team of professionals also gives us an advantage when it involves being flexible with a job that can be small like installing a fire alarm systems in a restaurant. We also handle significant commercial buildings full of people that would need the help of a fire alarm system to quell consistent fire outbreak.

  • Smoke and fire detectors:

With our state of the art gadgets that can sniff the tiniest bit of fire or smoke in a surrounding, you can never go wrong in using our service to fight a fire.

  • Certified technicians:

We are equipped with the best hands in the city with that is called upon 24/7 every day of the week.

  • Monitoring:

Miami security systems monitors the overall performance of all its fire alarm and home automation system efficiently. If you ever have a question about our services as a user, or your company would need clarification about how the specific fire alarm works, there is always a team of monitors to answer them.

  • Maintenance:

As the year roll by, more and more fire alarm systems requires maintenance and servicing to still function at their optimal level. Some others would need replacement, while others might need a complete overhaul. Miami security system would make a comprehensive overview to ascertain what type of maintenance is ideal for your building and recommendation would be given.

This recommendation can come in testing that meets NFPA, local council and even states’ evaluation.

  • Repairs:

Our repair team is always available if, after a recommendation, certain things need fixing. We will set the team up with the right equipment to make sure it is correctly done.

  • Government and regulatory bodies’ complaint

Miami security system is always in compliance with existing law enforcement bodies like the Miami-Dade fire alarm ordinance 14-66. The ordinance requires fire alarm services at a quick response time to meet any alarm or supervisory conditions and a response time for troubled situations.

Miami security system was built with the blueprint of meeting all state and local fire codes in the neighborhood.

Fire Alarm Installation Miami

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    Fire Alarm EquipmentsSome of the materials we work with for our fire alarm and security system are state of the art emergency gadgets that are prompt and available to use when there is damage, neglect, abuse in any of the buildings we secure with our fire alarm systems.

    In addition, some of the tools we have worked with include some of these, but not limited to; Notifier, DMP, Badger, and Buckeye among others.

    Conversely, Miami Security system is also an Authorized dealer in the buying and selling of some of these gadgets, and its expertise is respected among the locals in Miami who have gone on to trust our fire alarm system to provide the adequate protection they require should in case an accident happens.

    Well equipped with the professionals for the job, Miami Security System offers you safe hands in the repairs, installation, servicing, monitoring, and fixing of anything that has to with fire alarm and security systems.

    pendent fire sprinkler Miami

    We work with tools that exist in the fire and security system alert board like; Emergency Lights, and CCTV Surveillance Systems, fire extinguisher, etc.

    Our professionals are well trained and have obtained certification as

    fire alarms systems agent (FASA) with vast experience in anything that has to do with Fire in particular.

    Fire Alarm is an area Miami Security system is very focused in because of how delicate fire is to the security of our lives and property.

    To this effect, we have a running list of partnership with the Notifier fire alarms system that is owned by Honeywell. They are responsible for providing some of the world-class equipment we have been using to offer the safest fire alarm system all over Miami.

    Cost vs. Benefits of Fire Alarm in Kendall, Miami

    Our customer service can take down your needs and answer to any inquiries you might have regarding our services at all times.
    The cost of our services is quite affordable, but the benefits far outweigh the pricing you will have to pay for, like repairs, monitoring, investigation, inspection, and installation of the various services we provide.

    The number one benefit of our service is very much protection of your life. A life they say is more precious than gold that is what Miami security system aims to achieve immediately it sets out on any of the services mentioned above that it provides. To make sure the fire alarm system is in top shape to detect fire quickly in other to save lives much more conveniently.

    The other being the protection of property. Fire can be a ravaging enemy when it comes in contact with a catalyst that can spur it on. Furniture like an expensive sofa would efficiently serve as such catalyst during the outbreak of fire in a building. In order not to lose precious jewellery, art, and craft, items of furniture, memoirs, books and an additional lifetime memory of specific things you hold dear, protect your properties today.

    Protect your health

    As soon as people hear of a fire outbreak, panic sets come up. To some people, such a thing can cause severe health problems like heart attack, high blood pressure, etc.

    In other not to inhale gaseous elements that could be dangerous to your heart and health as well, always have a fire alarm set in your building

    Saves cost for Fire Alarm in Kendall

    The amount of money you would have spent replacing some of the items destroyed during a fire outbreak could easily have been used to install, inspect, monitor and repair some the old fire gadgets you might have in your offices and homes.

    Need help? Call our support team 24/7 at (786) 338-8314 / (305) 385-0462


    What is the cost of a fire alarm service?

    We offer a high quality service and we give you our estimate based on our service.

    Do you do home automation for Business too?

    Yes. It is possible and since we are licenced we can work for you in your home or your business.

    Do you do Audio too?

    As we said before we can do any kind of audio or home theater work.

    What Door bell do you recommend?

    There are many door bell gadget and services in the market. We always use the best that works for your Home or Business.


    What our customers say about our Burglar Alarms Services

    Why Choose Miami Security Systems Fire Alarm Services vs. other companies in Kendall, Miami?

    • In business over 30 years since 1986.
    • We are a family owned and operated business.
    • We are one of Home advisors trusted pros.
    • Our service department has one of the quickest response times in dade and broward counties.
    • We adhere strictly to all NEC (National Electrical Code) standards
    • We don’t stop at installation, we offer a lifetime technical support
    • We are certified security installers of security systems designed by Digital Watchdog, Honeywell, Hikvision, and Sony.
    • We have both Licenses: Low Voltage and Electricity.
    • And finally, we are fully licensed and insured.